Add-on USB CD Player

The FTCDUv2 is an excellent solution for adding a CD player to today's vehicles that no longer come from the factory with one.

Our newly designed model combines software allowing one model to work in many applications, Unlike our competitors which require two units.

Have complete control of the FTCDUv2 using the factory radio controls.

Not compatible with your vehicle?  Don't worry.  We have multiple ways to integrate the FTCDUv2 into the vehicle.  Using our FTCDUCK, this will give you a separate control knob with an AUX out to plug into the vehicle's 3.5mm AUX jack.

Have CarPlay?  Our CP-CDX will give complete control of our FTCDUv2 using CarPlay protocol while gaining the ability to have wireless CarPlay/Android Auto.

NOTE: Not recommended for Ford Vehicles.  Will work for approx 3 months and stop working.  Recommend using FTCDU-X.