Cadillac CUE Touch Screen Replacement
The CUEDTR1 is a replacement panel that offers upgraded gel-free upgraded replacement touch screens for all Cadillac CUE systems.  The original Cadillac CUE systems use a gel touch screen that deaminates and dries out over time, resulting in cracking and lost or erratic touch response.  Our replacement screen will have a sharper image, faster response and require 50% less pressure during operation.

Permanently Fix the following:

  • Delaminated, cracking, and bubbling appearance
  • Unresponsive or frozen touch
  • Random or erratic touch response (jumping around, red icons flashing)

The CUEDTR1 will not fix the following.  If you are experiencing these issues you may have a bad HMI or ACM.

  • Black display (black screen)
  • Blacked out AC controls
  • Stuck on updating green text screen.
  • Backup camera not working