Secondary Rear Camera input for FORD Vehicles Equipped with the 8" SYNC-2 or 8" SYNC-3 System

The CSH-8FD provides a plug in solution for adding a secondary rear camera to the vehicle's factory SYNC-2 and SYNC-3 system.  Once installed, simply flip the switch on while in reverse to see the secondary camera.  This provides a great solution when adding an extra camera in the 3rd brake light or trailer applications. 

  • Compatible with factory installed rear camera.
  • Secondary Camera only works when in reverse.
  • Can be used with 2 aftermarket camera. (If factory installed rear camera not present, programming will be required)
  • Requires external switch for switching secondary camera.

NOT Compatible with vehicles equipped with the factory 360 camera system.




  • All Vehicles equipped with 8" SYNC-2 or 8" SYNC-3 systems